Making animations in a camera cupboard

Today I got a blast from the past…

11 years ago I lived in Glasgow in a damp basement, sold naff gifts on Byres Road and volunteered at the Glasgow Film and Video Workshop trying to figure out what I could do with my life. I joined the technical team as I thought I wanted to be a filmmaker and that seemed like a good place to start. This was a big mistake as I watched the producers/administrative volunteers busily running round learning stuff while I hung out in a dark cupboard winding cables round my arms.

Whilst in the cupboard, I met Nadaav, who was similarly bored with his choice. So we  made the most of the situation and made a couple of stop frame animations from the equipment we had and the stuff we could find. And he has just Facebooked me out of the blue with the final edited versions! (he since has become a filmmaker – not sure he will put these on his showreel tho…)

(funny that we used Iron Bru bottles on this – very Scottish)


Go see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol– it is brilliant!

PS – Happy Birthday to my wonderful mum. xxx


Glasgow play


I’ve had a great couple of days in Glasgow with my friend Susie (crafty maker and owner of Podnip )and her little artists Hal and Betty.

We checked out Atelier Public at GOMA – an exhibition created by the public and invited artists – and spent over an hour making artwork for the walls. Betty made a fantastic spider and Hal gave me inspirational text for my girl’s Tshirt – ‘Bumscrub’.


Aged 4, Hal wants to be a rockstar in a band called ‘Beany Toast’ when he grows up. I think he will make it.  I got quite inspired at the exhibition as there were a whole load of books around the importance of play (for adults as well as kids) and a book about ‘nature deficit disorder’ in a society now where people don’t just go off into the woods to play, but sit on the sofa instead. The exhibition is mainly full of words and pics made from addictive sticky back plastic but there are other materials dotted around too like pipe cleaners and wooden blocks which I enjoyed making a city from and which I thought could be made easily in areas where kids toys were hard to get hold of. They are just blocks of wood each painted  on one section.Extremely satisfying.


I was also lucky enough to witness an exclusive fashion show at Susie’s house with an invited audience of soft creatures.


I kinda love Glasgow – for all its drizzliness there lies a spirit and creativity you can feel when you walk around. I think I might like to live there again. Two things I discovered this time in Glasgow were Susie’s friend Jolene’s blog about creative happenings in the up and coming East End of Glasgow and the Woodlands Community Garden built into a spare plot between tenament buildings in the West End which looked pretty interesting. Glasgow seems to be big on growing and urban farming – check out Grow Glasgow’s blog to check out what’s happening.

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