Gildo and his piri piri emporium

Last week, I was offered the opportunity to help a local restaurant owner with his business plan. I didn’t expect the day which unveiled itself.  It started with a bike ride up the steepest hill in Monchique, levelled out with a drive through the mountains next to Gildo singing at the top of his voice his favourite song ‘ My bed smells of you’ and ended with an invite to go salsa dancing and to set up a piri piri sauce distribution company. Uruguaian-Swiss man Gildo is in his 60s, owns a local hotel and restaurant, 3 pieces of land worth 1.5million euros each. He has some stories to tell:

5 wives so far and counting. Ranked in the top 10 most gorgeous men in Switzerland when he was 20. Self made millionaire. 10 children. Has permission to build a cable car across the valley. Wants to create a nightclub for people in love at the top of the mountain. Spent 5 years cruising round the Caribbean. Owns most of the prime real estate in the Monchique area. Wants to build the biggest flag in Europe(150m wide). Has a special recipe for piri piri sauce. Grows his own chiles. Is not averse to having group stays of swingers. Has a distrust of the laziness of Portuguese people. His dog has adopted a kitten and carries it in its mouth.

Is a karate and cuban salsa expert. Is looking for a companion.


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