Where do you go to find out about Monchique?

I have been asking people this question, picking brains and gathering it here

  • The tourist office in Monchique

This mainly has information about the Algarve, rather than any resources specific to Monchique. Vera, the lovely lady who works there, is very helpful and friendly but does not have the resources she needs for tourists. What needs to be created are:

  • maps of the walks of Monchique so people can do them on their own
  • a map of Monchique that shows what there is to see and do rather than just walking aimlessly round the town centre
  • Gifts specific to Monchique

The problem is that it is all in the hands of the main Algarve tourist board and they cannot make up their minds wether to make Monchique -specific resources or not and wether to sell them or have them for free. Meanwhile, there is a massive information gap. Monchique Council website

The official tourist organisation for the Algarve has ‘not to be missed’ guides to what is on in Algarve each month. The deadline is 6 Nov each month to put in copy.

You can download maps of each town in the Algarve, including the map of Monchique. It is under the press section, so not very easy for tourists to find.

  • Magazines

There is a German magazine called Entdecken Sie Algarve

There is the Viva Algarve section of Algarve 123

  • Blogs

Portugal Confidential

Portugal Info

Monchique Uncovered – a blog written by Pablo’s dad


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