Alternative Tourist Office

We have more of a firm idea now about our end of project show. We are going to create an ‘alternative tourist office’ and open studio in the space above the internet cafe in the centre of Monchique, which we have been using as our office.
The alternative tourist office will showcase the work we have created which responds to a need in Monchique:

– a quirky tourist map for tourists which labels what there is to do and see in the town and surrounding area and where to eat and sleep (this currently doesn’t exist)
– maps of the walks of Caldes and Picota (currently it is difficult for tourists to do this on their own)
– a new quality kite mark for products of Monchique – showing examples of this on different products like honey, modrono, baskets etc. (this is something that the local community development manager – Americo Telo – said is needed)
– examples of souvenirs and new types of postcards
– an interactive map for local people to add in their own favourite places in Monchique

The open studio will document the journey of creating the resources, research around Monchique, interactive zones where people can write their opinions on the development of Monchique.


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