Drawings in Lisbon

I bought an inspiring drawing book in Lisbon by my favourite publishers – Black Dog. One of the drawing tasks was to do a 360 degree panorama without lifting the pen off the page. I made two drawings like this – one of the cathedral in Belem and one at the Museu do San Roque. Drawing makes me very happy and at peace.


Lisbon Experimental Design Festival

Went to the EXD Experimental Design Festival.

Super cool bar area – Urban Grow curate plants in vintage furniture.

Sidelines Festival with curated contemporary design exhibitions placed in traditional museum settings:

1950s ceramics collection in a monestary

Old London Time Out collection in the central library

Record collection in an Italian art gallery

All pulled together with a little map. A brilliant way of exploring a city. I would love to do this in Tottenham to help its regeneration – commission artists to make work in unusual, secret parts of Tottenham and link it together with a map and a little festival. They have done something similiar in Walthamstow with the E17 art trail

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