Alternative Monchique Festival

Whilst in Lisbon, I had the idea to create a special event for Monchique which brought together all the interesting things people were doing locally that were not publicised and to pull together the work of our group. An event which people could participate in, could come together, could learn new skills, could show each other and the public what was happening in Monchique, to draw attention to it as a place to come and to stay.


3-10 Dec


  • Mobile Monchique – a campervan promoting the produce of Monchique, hosting a photography exhibition, selling cakes! The van would tour eco projects around Monchique, like open days
  • The launch of Quinta das Relvinhas as an eco hostel
  • The launch of maps of walking trails – the 5 ‘Veradas’ walks which exist but are not signposted or mapped out (hence tourists cannot do them on their own)
  • A map of Monchique listing all the cool things to do and see (the one that currently exists does not show this)
  • Creative events – film screenings, sculpture park, live music, art exhibition
  • Competitions – souvenir design, modrono cocktail making
  • Seminars and workshops on the crafts of Monchique and enterprise (eg. making jewellery from cork, beauty products from Monchique natural ingredients, eco tourism, adventure tourism
  • A pop up shop including repackaged local produce – honey, modrono, sausages, piripi sauce, arts and crafts and  a book about the patterns of Monchique

The AIMS are to:

Promote Monchique as a place where exciting, innovative, creative things happen
Promote Monchique as an alternative tourist destination to the rest of the Algarve, for an alternative type of tourist
Promote what cool stuff is already happening in Monchique
Repackage local produce and crafts in a contemporary way
Bring together local businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs
Spark new ideas and collaborations
Celebrate what is unique about Monchique
Open up interesting places to the public

We showed this to our contact at the council and he was very excited.

The idea has evolved, however, over the last month. It would be fantastic to do the festival but it is not achievable in the time frame we have. Instead, therefore, we are going to create an open studio event opening on Sat 10 Dec. I will talk about this in my nest post.


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