Highland Train station enterprise

Waiting for my train for London at Pitlochry train station, I popped into the Pitlochry Station Bookshop.




Run entirely by local volunteers, the bookshop sold 50,000 books last year, raising £10,000 for charity. It is a brilliant example of social entrepreneurship and creative response to an opportunity (Scotrail donate the premises to the enterprise as part of their ‘adopt a station’ scheme.)

The books are high quality and cheap (many best sellers just 50p).
I bought three for my journey south to help ease me into 2012- a trashy read (Twilight) a health read (Maximum immunity) and a business read (Mavericks at work). But first, a little look out the window at the yellow light and fir trees and eating my packed lunch before midday…


New Years Resolutions for 2012

1. Go with my heart and my gut

2. Live and work in South America! (and get better at Spanish and Portuguese)

3. Go and visit people who are living interesting lifestyles and doing interesting, creative, enterprising things

and blog about them

4. Try and do 10 mins yoga and 10mins meditation every morning

5. Focus on the good stuff that is happening

6. Choose to spend time with sparkly people

7. Set up my own organisation and do some interesting projects

8. Make stuff, draw more and make some creative collaborations happen

9. Spend time outdoors in nature and lighting fires (ideally in a campervan)

10. Try not to do too much – learn to say no

Other stuff I’d love to do:

Learn to ride a horse

Keep an eye out for a piece of land to one day build a house on

Make enough money to live and travel on through the things I love doing

Create a new career which is not 9-5

Go and visit my friend Debs on Bowen Island, Canada

Go to Burning Man Festival

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