South Tottenham – busting with potential

The hood in East Haringey between Turnpike Lane and Seven Sisters tube stations, is a rising star. Young professionals priced out of Stoke Newington are slowly creeping their way North, where many of my friends and I have lived for three years.

Green Lanes has just received a development grant from the Mayor of London to renovate the shop fronts and bridge and create ‘mini squares’ at junctions. Exciting news for the area!

artist impression of the new Green Lanes!

Existing great things about the area:

  • Superb transport links – Seven Sisters is on both the Victoria line and overground to Liverpool Street, stopping at London Fields on the way. Green Lanes buses get you to pretty much anywhere.
  • The Salisbury – a fantastic, friendly and unpretentious pub – with great food and beer, lots of cosy corners and booths and a back room which can host special events


  • The best Turkish restaurants in London – try tasty  lamacun (a steal at £1.50) , paticlan soslu (aubergine, tomato sauce and yogurt) or succulent lamb chops accompanied by fresh mountainous salad. Favourites are Antepliler(47 Green Lanes) and Gokyuzu (27 Grand Parade)
  • Jai Krishna – home cooked, good value, delicious South Indian vegetarian food owed by an extremely lovely mann
  • Yasir Halim, Green Lanes- cheap fruit and veg, amazing bakery, vats of different olives


HOWEVER There aren’t any nice little cafes. Not really. Not that have a nice atmosphere, comfy chairs, tasty snacks and great coffee, newspapers and specials. Not that have quirky little objects or postings of cool stuff in the area. You have to go all the way to Stoke Newington, Dalston or Crouch End for that – where they are sprouting up every day.

My favourite cafe in London is in Stroud Green – the Front Room cafe. It just has the right combination of wood, big windows, tasty cakes, cubby holes, privacy and chattiness and some tables outside as well as lots of interesting little objects and artwork to keep your eyes happy.


My friend Richard and his local Haringey friends are organising the first planning meeting for a cafe/community hang out in our area on Monday. A group of people coming together to chat about how to make this happen. Very exciting! I will keep posting any news on this…

Blogs about the area I will keep adding to: The author of this award-winning food blog lives in the hood and often writes about the great food in the area

Harringay online – an online community for local residents

Potential leads/links to funding/partnerships are:

  • Unltd – a charity supporting social entrepreneurs
  • HAVCO – linking volunteers to worthwhile local projects
  • Tottenham Hotspur – staying in the borough since the Council agreed a regeneration budget for the area

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