Across the world and back in 35 days

5 weeks in the UK and now we’re back in El Paredon.

Ahhhhh how great to be back

To our little friends running up to us for massive welcome back hugs

To men scaling our palm trees for yellow coconuts

To a fish head lunch from Priscilla

To a softer surf and a peachier sunset than when we left

To big grins from the town, and jumping from the dogs, who thought we wouldn’t return

To have a home again after crashing in different places for 5 weeks

And we have a  renewed energy, after buzzing around London, talking to educated, interesting, creative people. And a little trip to Austria.



Amazing Mexican street art project

I want to do this in El Paredon, Guatemala. I’ve talked to the creators of this amazing project in Puebla, colectivo tomate and to the village committee in El Paredon. All we need is the ££ to make it happen. If you’d like to be involved, get in touch.

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