Summer School creative work with kids

As my five week teaching contract in Surrey comes to a close, I sigh a breath of relief, happy to be out into the wide world again.  At times being here has felt like a prison sentence – only half an hour from London but miles from any shops, mobile phone signal, friends – and for me to think this is remote – well I have been practically living on a desert island for a year and a half.

However, one good thing is that as well as teaching English, I have taught creative projects and workshops:  shadow puppets, cookery, photography, drama and this week stop frame animation.This is me making tapas with the kids (their idea).

making tapas with

Here are the three short animations we (kids aged 9-14 – Russian, Chinese, Italian, Bulgarian, Ukranian) made this week (one is also at the top of the post.)

I also taught business skills workshops where the kids watched ‘The Apprentice’ and were given the brief to think of a business idea which would make money for the charity The Koala School in Sierra Leone on the final disco night. One group of kids decided to organise a raffle and the other to make and sell ice lollies, which we did in the school kitchen. They made £60 and it was brilliant fun.

Now I need to try and figure out what I’m going to work on between now and Dec 14, when I am bridesmaid at a wedding in London….I hope hoping for some interesting new challenges!


lolly business DSC_0512


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