Birthday bashings

3rd birthday

Birthdays are a big deal here in Guatemala. If you’re a little kid, practically the whole village comes to your party and brings you a little present. Cake and piñatas (paper dolls stuffed with sweets) are the 2 main events of any party. With the cake, you blow out your candles and then your face is pushed into the creamy icing. I went to a little girl’s 3rd birthday last week. She wasn’t happy about the cake face part.

cake face

Everyone else had a good time though, with kids queueing very patiently for their piece of cake.

 balloon lady  DSC_1036

The piñata involves tying the doll to a piece of string, blindfolding the birthday girl/boy, then getting them to try and bash the doll until the sweets fall out. It’s actually pretty difficult though, as someone has the other end of the rope and yanks the doll away from you when you get near.

DSC_0952 DSC_0913

My friends organised one for my birthday and it was really fun. And I organised one for Carla’s leaving do.

my birthday my birthday piñata DSC_0426


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