Bathroom, bread, clams


A month ago, I commissioned the local builder, Jorge, to build me an outside shower and toilet from bamboo. Between us we came up with the design. I love it. I love looking at the stars at night from the shower.


I’ve also finished my palm fence to try and stop kids peering in all the time into the garden. My dog Cusca has dug her own dog entrance under the fence for private access. I’ve hung these 2 hammocks too, deliciously shaded by coconut trees. A little post-class sleep is always good.

my garden


my first loaf

I’ve started baking bread from scratch – a real act of love, patience and reward. El Paredon really needs a bakery as the bread that comes once a day is already stale, artificial, sweet. I’ve thought of selling it but it may be too expensive for the locals as  I would have to charge a decent amount to make any profit. I’ve started selling licuados (smoothies) and little ice creams though, and if I sell 10 smoothies a day it is enough to live on. It is quite satisfying ticking off the things I sell on my chart.


It is the clam season – plentiful supplies just a short boat ride away. The trick is to step onto the canal bottom and lift the clams up with your toes. They are delicious hot, fresh, with lime and salt. I just celebrated a year of being El Paredon. It is a joy to live through the seasons here of fruit, fish, storms. Mango time is here again – ripe yellow fruit falling like rain.




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