A new wind blows in


Yesterday I got up sprightly, with purpose – the first time in a long while.  My neighbor Griselda shouted through the fence that my offer on some homebuilt satisfyingly curved wicker furniture had been successful.  Armando and I went to her home to pick it up and place it in my living area where it looks as though it has always lived. It is impossible to buy furniture here so this was a lucky strike. £75 for 2 chairs, a sofa and a little coffee table.


The morning was spent as a homemaker. Arranging, rearranging. A tall Finnish tourist came round to use the internet and a couple of kids came to buy choco-watermelon I have started to sell with the massive profit of 5p per slice.  I made cinnamon scones from a photocopied Peace Corps cook book and painted the shop room white. The Fin helped me paint the top high bits.

Cusca, my beautiful, playful, faithful dog looked at me longingly, hoping for a crumb of bun. Guilt plagued me as her dog food has run out. 2 frozen hot dog sausages from Angela’s shop would have to do.

Broccoli pasta for lunch. All meals here have to be made from scratch and it takes up a lot of the day thinking about what to buy to eat, where. At least they have started selling street snacks again at night on the corners, outside peoples ‘ homes – empanadas, ticucas, papusas.

The surf is still big so I haven’t been out for 4 days. I miss it but it means I can do other stuff. I have a good session in the workshop with Frances, an English girl who has lived here for a month and is volunteering at La Choza Chula and making her own crafts which I am selling in the shop.

She has injected new motivation for me and the kids. Shown us new types of earrings , driftwood mobiles, dream catchers. The workshop looks full of interesting nick nacks. I am hoping she will stay longer and I can employ her in the workshop.

And Donna May came with her Guate boyfriend Mario and showed me her tin can geckos which has inspired me to create different creatures from tin cans and wire. I am getting into it. It’s important to have some time to create my own stuff, not just giving all my creative energy to the kids and teaching English and burning out. If I am good and nurtured and alive with creative ideas, it’s best for everyone.

The thought of going to El Salvador for Semana Santa has also reenergized me. Ideas are coming again – I want to have an exhibition with our new Choza Chula collection, do some paintings, open my front room as a gallery, sell licuados, get my house to a point I can rent a bedroom out, welcome more creatives to El Paredon.

It will come.

And the next post will have lots of photos, promise.


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