A trapped dog and a flood

There have been more tourists in El Paredon. The Surf Camp and Surf House are full.

So I got a call from Rafa at Surf Camp – could I take 4 guests in my new home?

I’d only been moved in a week but hey, I need the cash  (I have spent my last cash on my new house) so let’s have a  look.

I have a hammock in the garden, a mattress on the floor, another hammock in the kitchen and they have a mattress so yep!

Three sweet girls and a guy from England show up, who bought a car in Guatemala City and are surfing at points all the way to Costa Rica. Nice. Hearing the UK accent , there is instant camaraderie and trust between us. And all goes fine, we are a bit on top of each other but we cook for each other, hang out, they do one of our mangrove tours and Josh even has agreed to come back for a couple of months from May to develop the ecotourism business.

All is good, until….I have to leave at 6am to go to Antigua to extend my visa. The last thing I say to my guests is ‘please check the house to make sure my dog Cusca is not hiding anywhere’ They leave and lock the door behind them.

I get back 2 days later. I hear water running inside the house. Oh god. I open the door and smell distressed dog smell. And the kitchen is flooded, the inside tap is on, there is mess everywhere, and dog mess too. But there is no dog.

I hear the story from Carla, who happened to be passing by on the day I left. The guests trapped Cusca in. She tried to jump over the wall, knocking over everything in sight and turning the tap on by mistake (or maybe on purpose – she was probably thirsty!) She was barking, whimpering. Carla heard her and hailed a guy who owed us a favour (he had thrown a firework at us one drunken night) to get her out. He reached over the wall and hauled her over the wall, soaking. The tap remained on until I returned.

So, the total of £15 I earned for 2 nights for 4 people was it worth it?! At least I learnt some lessons about hosting tourists and both Cusca and my kitchen got a good clean.


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