The Coconut House

the outside of my new house
the outside of my new house

I have a new home!

A house in El Paredon, bought with the insurance money I got from my bike accident in London. I wanted to spend it on something special. And I will have it forever. It needs a lot of work – mainly a big palm roof which I need to save up for and there is exposed concrete and wires everywhere but…

It is mine and my dream is to have family and friends come stay and hang out under my 6 healthy coconut trees with me. And slowly but surely it is looking beautiful – white paint does wonders.

And i bought an oven and a fridge / freezer which I haven’t had for 10 months. They have literally transformed my life. It feels very luxurious to have these, as only a few people in the village do and, as I didn’t have them for so long, I know it is possible to live without them. BUT

I have made coconut ice cream and have iced coffees and just made my first bread loaf and it is all damn exciting.

Kids come round most nights seeing what treats I’ve been making. They are very keen to climb coconut trees to transform them into something delicious.

The plan is to start selling food from the hatch in my room in the front. Pizza, fish cakes, licuados…see what happens.

And also paying guests can stay. Camp, stay in a hammock or a double room (eventually) and use the kitchen. Nowhere else in El Paredon offers a kitchen. I’ve already had my next post will talk about….


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