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The family grows


Last week a grey and white little fluffy skeleton came mewing towards our back door. Carla fell immediately in love, gave her one sniff and named her Fish. She has lived with us ever since. She loves sitting on your head, egg yolks, choco-bananas. She is very needy and very adorable.

Surfing in Hawaii

This weekend, I went to the OTHER Hawaii – what you haven’t heard of it?!

A village 2 hours south of us. We took our surf boards, squashed into, on top of mini buses and tried to surf but were the only ones. The waves swelled slowly, breaking hard too close to shore. Nice view from our hotel though.

view from the hotel in Hawaii

A fab chica called Alice I met a few months ago lives in Hawaii.


She, like Carla and I, is into community development and sustainable tourism. She started volunteering for a turtle organization, built a house and now does multiple projects in the area. She introduced me to some cool people who can potentially collaborate with La Choza Chula. At the hotel Hawaiin Paradise, I sold 4 products to the owner, who will see how sales go and potentially buy more stock within the month. These are the things we sold:

things we sold

Ligia, the lovely Colombian owner of Hotel Honolulu met us next, who loved our project and is keen for us to start something similar in Hawaii and also ask our surfer friends to run classes for tourists there.

Finally we went to ARCAS, a turtle nursery and animal sanctuary which hosts many international volunteers.

ARCAS outside Park Hawaii

Glenda and Willy who work there are great and we plan to run an exchange day of making things from recycled products. These are some earrings Glenda made, weaving round tin can pulls.

tin can earrings

Monterrico was our last spot, heaving on Saturday night with party people from the city. It felt intense but at least we found El Gecko where we could cook our own fresh shrimps and chill in their nice living area.

And, as always, it was great to return to El Paredon…..

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