Stitching and oranges in El Naranjo

Armando drove me on his motorbike to El Naranjo, the next settlement East, on the search for petrol. A hot black sand road, cows in the lush palm filled fields, stacks of sesame seed plants piled ready to strip, a warm orange sun. We met Dora, who makes these wonderful embroidery adornments. I commissioned her to make some for our shop. Armando climbed the orange tree and we ate them, green and hard on the outside, juicy within, by the tranquil canal, a couple bathing nearby. A lovely little adventure.


One thought on “Stitching and oranges in El Naranjo

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  1. Julia, Dora’s work looks great. These might make a good covering for a table.

    Missing El Paredon, Larry

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