Home sweet home

our adopted dog, Cuzca

We’ve been back in El Paredon for a week now. And it’s so good to be back. You never really know how you feel about a place until you leave it and for me, the sense of excitement on the boat as the village came into view, the 20 kids that ran up and hugged us tight, the smiles from Priscilla, skeptical that we would ever return, the roar of the sea and the relief to enter our house, made me realise how much this place is now my home. After crashing at different friends and family houses, touring the UK and starting to get caught up again in the need to have stuff and buy stuff, dress well, have a job that takes up most of your time and energy and live in a little bubble unit, it is so nice to be back here and feel myself again, free to live a better life. And not be spending, spending. Or analyzing, analyzing. Just being being.

There are lots more turtle eggs that have been buried in the sand, ready for release 45 days later.

The surf is a lot gentler than when we left which means I might, after 6 months, gain the courage to try for the bigger waves. Someone stole my leash (no surprise no one knows who) but Charlie, our American surfer friend, has returned via a 3 week grueling drive from Boston to El Paredon and given me a new one. It’s great to have him back. He is going to sell surfboards and start a little pizza business, which would be superb for the town (especially for us).

And more good news – the whole town has been sprayed and our shower ‘basin’ fixed (which used to be a breeding ground for mosquitos) so now there are far fewer mosquitos than before. I am being uber careful and putting repellent on 24/7 as I don’t want another dengue fever re-run but I’ve decided not to scarper to higher ground just yet as I haven’t got any bites yet (only a nasty allergic rash from overdosing on chicharrones – fried pig skin).

The prettiest dog in town, Cuzca, has re-adopted us and follows us round, sneaking into our workshop and under my bed.

And her human equivalent, Enok, comes round again every day, to hose out crabs from their hole, with a balloon on a string, with a new invention to show us, from things he finds on the street –‘mira!’ I missed this boy as he now has stolen a little piece of my heart.

In my English class, the photocopier failing once more and no paper once more, I did an impromptu photography class – here is a shot the guys took of them as a boy band in their classroom.


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  1. jajaja, el paredon. dunno what’s so special about this place, but i so dearly miss it!
    it’s so tranquil and so out of the way, it’s just so unique. i’ve seen loads better surf in many a place, but the atmosphere there, it’s just… wow. every time i read ur blog, i feel like i’m bacl there. i can so vividley imagine the stories u tell, feels like sitting in the comedor with you guys.

    i hope i’ll return one day soon and u guys will still be there. goin for a surf. that’d be too nice. but for now i’m caught back in the rat race… saving money, sorting a “better” (haha) future and waiting for me iree missus to return from southern america.

    say hello to everyone, carla, charlie, the locals and especially to mama ocean. miss u all BIG TIME!


    1. HUBERT!
      So nice to hear from you and so happy a little bit of your heart is still in El Paredon. It is so lovely. The colours tonight are vivid in the sinking sun and I’ve just been doing some mono printing with the kids sitting outside the comedor. OF course we will have to move on at some point but we will see. What are you doing back in the rat race? And where was your favourite place after you left us? I will say hi to everyone and a big HUG right back at ya. I will surf the (white) water for you! 🙂

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