Cake face


Today was Carla’s birthday.

We had a party. Surprise balloons. Musical statues on the street. Lots of cake, which Carla had to stick her face in. Kids going mad on fizzy drinks, a marching band fresh from practice. Fishcakes for dinner.

And we said goodbye to our friends:

– Bianca who will be taking over our projects during September, when Carla and I come back to the UK to refresh, see friends and family and think about La Choza Chula (the new name for our workshop – ‘the cool shack’) Part Two

– Oliver and Lynn – environmentalists who became surf buddies and laughing buddies and who made frames in our workshop to hang our jewellery using special knots

Happy Birthday Carla! You rock girl! xx


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  1. Hello Ladies,

    Happy birthday Carla!! And many more. It looks like you had a splendid party at The Cool Shack.Very nice pictures of the party. They really show the love and the admiration the kids have for you.

    Bye for now, Larry

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