When I was in Rio de Janeiro three years ago, I came across a man working from a little shack by the side of the road. His shack was full of treasures – all wood and plastic junk ready to be recycled and transformed into magical people and animals (check out the first three photos.) I fell in love with the little sculptures, crudely nailed together, and knew at that moment I would one day teach kids how to make them somewhere else in Latin America. The other day we had our first robot workshop and here is what we made.



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  1. Hello Julia,

    My wife,our youngest daugter,and I enjoyed your last two posts and are very happy that it appears that you are recovering nicely. The positive attitude you express in your blog is always uplifting and your posts always put a smile on my face.
    My wife was wondering if you could save two of the robots for her until we arrive. The two she desired are made by Sam and Dani,they are the first two . The one with the hair thing (my words)and the one before it. How much are they and could you please save the name tags on them for us?

    Have a wonderful day, Larry

    1. Hi Larry!
      Thanks for your lovely message 🙂 I feel so happy to be alive and out in the fresh air again! Of course we can save you the robots. They are Q50 each ($6.25) And when you come we should have a larger range for you to look at too! I’m still in Antigua staying with a friend until I make a full recovery so will have a chance to look around for a Big Shot machine. Carla and I are also going to buy lots more art materials with the $150 your kind artist friend donated this weekend. Could you get the money sent to Western Union in Antigua? There is one here. Have a lovely day and thanks so much for all your support – I love hearing from you. Can you email me a photo of you and your family so I can picture you all? Julia

  2. Hello Julia,

    I sent 170 dollars through Western Union this evening and you can pick it up in Antigua on Wednesday. Please E-mail me to let me know that you recieved it. Also, if you could take a picture of the items you purchased so I can show my friends, i would be thankful.
    I sent an extra 20 dollars so that you can pay the two kids for their work.
    My wife is feeling guilty about buying items from only two children,so if you could give me a head count on how many kids you have doing the crafts so we can even up the score with them when we get there it would be hepful.
    As for the photo I don’t have one online,however if you go to and put key words Natasha and Chris I believe this will bring up the set of pictures from our oldest daughters wedding. If you are not able to access this let me know and I will try to figure out another way to get you a picture.
    By the way I’ll be the less than handsome man with the bride. The young lady that is the shorter of the two bridesmaids is our other daughter.

    Thanks for all of your help!!, Larry

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