Hubi’s art…from my hospital bed

This post is dedicated to the very special and lovely Hubi, who flew back to Austria today after a month in Guatemala. For the last few days he’s been looking after me in Antigua whilst I’ve been struck down with Dengue Fever (thankfully recovering in hospital now and jelly for breakfast + cable TV = luxury!).

Hubi made a whole new range of products for our tienda and inspired us and the kids and the whole community loads with his passion and creativity and humour. And who made me a bed in four hours from old pieces of wood! Here are some of the amazing products he made – all from things he found…and lots of superglue! The seed and sand rings and pumice stone turtles we are definitely going to make more of.

These are light drawings that Hubi made with a long exposure

And a shark illustration…

He is convinced my surfing will improve leaps and bounds if I use a long board instead of a ‘surfer chic’ short board, so I have promised I will do (for at least a week). Safe journey Hubi and hope to see you again soon….

Now…back to getting better…(and trying not to look too hard at the volcano paintings on the wall when my fever starts up again…..)


2 thoughts on “Hubi’s art…from my hospital bed

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  1. Julia,

    I am so sorry to hear about your illness. We will put you in our prayers. Hope you are feeling better real soon!

    Regards, Larry

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