Storms, surfboards, mangroves and a miracle


There have been wild storms and rain the last few days  – 2 trees fell down in our garden, the coconut palms shed their leaves and the waves are too big to surf. There are only two seasons here – summer and winter. Rain means the beginning of winter and although the temperature remains a balmy 30 degrees year round, I had to dig out a jumper for the first time since being here last night!  This was our front and back garden when we woke from the storm:



A really nice couple, Mario (Guatemalan) and Donna (English) came to stay at the surf camp last week. We became instant friends and I entrusted Donna to buy me a surfboard when she went to El Salvador. Rafa, the owner of the surf camp, brought it back with him. It was an exciting moment to go out on it for the first time, although I got totally beaten up in the waves as the current was strong.  I like the lucky rhino on it. It is small enough to be able to duckdive (when I finally master that) but wide enough to keep steady when paddling out. The sea here is big, ever changing, with beach breaks, black sand and different creatures which pass through (stingrays, jellyfish, dolphins) to keep things interesting as if just staying on the board wasn’t enough of a challenge. I try and go out every day and it is keeping my body strong and my mind healthy. I have only caught a couple of unbroken waves so far but I am determined, even if it takes me many more months.

Rafa gave me work when he was in El Salvador – to look after the hostal bookings through his email. I enjoyed it – answering queries in English and Spanish.


We organised our first tour for 6 tourists – fishing, collecting mangoes, rowing through the mangroves, visiting a shrimp farm, crab spotting, swimming in the river. We hired 3 of our friends as local guides and paid them properly. We charged 70Q each (about $7) and made enough for 10 meals at the local diner. Carla and I went in a boat each to translate between the guides and the tourists. It was great. We hope to do more.  Come and visit us and come on a tour!


And a Miracle

We got our computer stolen from our house for 5 days, lost hope and then got it back. A minor miracle.


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