Mama we love you

This week has been all action in the village preparing for Mother’s Day. It’s a massive event here.

Kids have been selling raffle tickets to raise money for the big event – a meal for all the mothers in the village, performances from local talent and acts from outside – all to take place in ‘la cancha’ – the basketball court outside the school.

Women have been making wooden horse carts out of rolled up newspaper to decorate the tables.

The kids have been learning some universal street dance moves and a strange theatre piece where 2 people die and a big cardboard coffin is placed over them. We have been teaching the kids two songs – Rise by Gabrielle and Stand by Me. This was a final rehearsal in the square.

It’s been really fun – me playing the guitar and Carla singing.  The kids really like it and it’s a great way to learn English. Every day we’ve had different kids so it was a gamble who would perform on the final night. In the end, it went OK – actually a bit nerve wracking as I have only learnt guitar whilst being here and my fingers started shaking and sweating –and we performed to over 300 people so it was a big achievement for us! All the mothers got a home-made flower to wear in their hair, there were enchiladas and grilled meat to buy and the lovely slush puppy ‘granatizados’ with pineapple and coconut on top. Our lovely neighbour Ruth won the grand prize – an old Singer sewing machine. Carla has plans to pop over the fence to use it.


The night before, we were invited by Monika the hairdresser to a pre-mothers day celebration in the open air church, decorated especially with hearts and balloons. Everyone was pretty much guaranteed a prize (a Tupperware bowl or plastic mug)

The word ‘feliz’ (happy) in balloons we popped gave us our prize.

One lucky lady won a prize for having the most living children (dead children didn’t count, they made it clear!), another for eating a lollipop the fastest and another for singing the best lullaby whilst rocking a pretend baby.

Our day ended with a bonfire on the beach with some locals, some marshmallows and our repertoire of guitar songs – a  bit of Bob Marley, Jeff Buckley, Cranberries and Britney. Here, instead of at home,  the aim is to get as far away from the fire as possible as the air temperature at night is still about 25 degrees!


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