anato is born

anato, our company, is born.

anato – little pods with seeds inside used for colouring food or natural lipstick.  We were first shown anato by our Mayan guide in the Belizean jungle where we painted our lips deep orange and listened to howler monkeys


It is a good name for our company as it represents the stuff we believe in:

  • Being resourceful
  • Working with nature
  • Collaborating with local communities
  • Design, bright colours, decoration, beauty
  • Hidden potential
  • Enterprise

At the moment, anato has two main strands in development:

1/ Making 

Creating beautiful products from things that fall from the trees. At the moment we are creating little boats and pots. More on this later. The plan is to make prototypes then train local people how to design and make them and buy the finished products from them to sell here, in Antigua and beyond.

2/ Tours

Working with local young people who will be our guides, we have developed three tours for tourists which we plan to start next week.

Other things we are working on to fund living here: private English lessons, offering internet access: 1op for 10 mins, working in the local eatery, sign painting, selling mangoes, surf photography….

Other things we are offering the community for free: photography workshops for kids, teaching English in the local school  AND MORE….

We need to start looking for funding – for computers for the kids, for a photography exhibition we want to create with local families, for materials for the school, para muchas cosas…..


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