Burn or bury

Here there are no rubbish collections.

It is making us really think of everything we use and everything we throw away. Because we have no bin we have to find a use for everything.

We found these gorgeous old bottles buried in the sand which look beaut in the window with the light shining through.

All the organic waste we fling into the corner of our garden. A family of pigs have found it and make a daily venture there, staring at us daringly as they chomp on overripe mangoes, pasta scrapings, fish bones. 3 dogs also come for a rummage.

Plastic and glass we save and try and use: pots for our paintbrushes, candle holders, tops to stop flies…

The tops of the tincans are starting to make a beautiful little sculpture.

Used toilet paper and all other rubbish we have to burn. A little ritual every 2 days. Armando showed us true friendship when he burnt our shitty paper for the first time.


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