Carla’s sign painting dream

Here we have space and time to make all those things we have always wanted to do in our lives – those little fantasies that don’t go away – happen.

For Carla, my travelling buddy, kindred spirit, and my recently named ‘heterosexual life partner’, one of those things has been to travel round Latin America painting signs. A couple of days ago, she completed her first commission. I think it looks fab.

She already has another three jobs lined up. These are some preliminary sketches.


This town is not good at signs. There are none. The fruit and veg shop is in someone’s house. The hardware shop is in someone’s garage. You’ve got to know where to go. For those passing through, this makes for a tricky visit. Some visitors we met recently travelled an hour to the next town to buy a pineapple as they didn’t know where to get fruit in town.

Carla is gonna revolutionise this town. She’s also going to make money so we don’t have to make the boat/tuk tuk/bus journey to the bank.


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