An unexpected new home

All has changed.

We are now proud residents of El Paredon, a magical secret surf town on the South Coast of Guatelama. We were never supposed to come. We met Adam in a hostel in Antigua, a Financial Times journalist  living in Mexico City, who has a plot of land on the coast. He invited us down for the weekend two weeks ago. When he left, we stayed.

We are learning how to surf. We have new friends – local surfers, children, shop owners, families who cook for us, look after us and try and marry us to their sons.We pick mangos when we want, knocking them down with sticks. We can choose to swim from the volcanic beach of the Pacific or the mangrove lined river. We have organised to teach for an hour a day in the local school. Our first lesson (yesterday) had 40 kids, packed into a hot classroom. We laughed a lot, learnt a LOT. We have met the Mayor. He said ‘let’s collaborate’ and offered us a free home in the local pharmacy, surrounded by old sewing machines, painkillers and cockroaches. We have found somewhere better, for £50 each a month rent, all bills included. We move in later this week. And there is much more, so much more to write about to tell the world about this incredible place and the way our lives are moulding into the shape that I have wished for for so long without thinking it possible.


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