Recycled beach plastic jewellery

The beach at Tulum on the East Coast of Mexico is stunning. However, there is a lot of junk that gets washed up on the beach every morning – mainly plastic. The local restaurant owners have to pick it up.


I collected some of the small bits. And thought about how to transform this junk into something that could turn this potentially dangerous and very unsightly problem into something beautiful that could be sold to tourists.

Maybe jewellery? A brooch?

Or a bracelet?

The colours of these plastics are jaded and pastel, like the colours of the Caribbean, so they work as a memory of that place, for tourists. I would love to develop this idea further….


2 thoughts on “Recycled beach plastic jewellery

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  1. hello my dear! looks like the trip is off to a good start.

    Your plastic triangle collection have made me think of a jewellery & textiles designer called who’s stuff is all beading but… the shapes and colours could add some inspiration to your idea that’s outside the usual tourist market craft offerings:



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