Beach shack beauty, Belize

Last night, we arrived at Caye Caulker, a little island off Belize.


And it is love at first sight. Wooden houses, bright colours, rustic charm, incredibly friendly people and street food to lick lips constantly for.

Since arrival last night we have filled our happy bellies with these things that have come our way:

Shrimp coconut curry, Pineapple and vanilla cake, Fried jacks filled with chicken, cheese, beans, scrambled eggs, Chicken tamales and cherry oats. YUM!!!

And we have a house that is my dream home with a Tennesse style balcony and hammock. Can life really be like this?!

Our home for three nights – M & N Apartments




The snorkelling here is insanely good. We went on a full day trip with Ragamuffin tours with three stops – the second one amongst stingrays and nurse sharks, the third to the most incredible coral reef after The Great Barrier reef. We saw green turtles, purple coral and a green eel that snaked through the water, teeth gnashing.



We are still waking up at 5.30am and so I used the time this morning to draw the view from our balcony. I did it ‘etch a sketch’ style.



2 thoughts on “Beach shack beauty, Belize

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    1. It is TOTALLy amazing. Don’t just stay a night though – you will need at least 3. The snorkelling is awesome – we saw turtles and sharks yesterday! Love your blog – happy travelling

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