Whilst in Scotland, I’ve had time to start creating an online project portfolio which has brought up some interesting stuff I never really had time to think about when I was entrenched in work.

  • Leo Smith, who I met when he was artist on the (x)change project at Stoke Newington Academy I facilitated, is midway through a residency at VARC in rural Northumberland. It would be superb to link with him when in Guatemala and collaborate in some way. He is running some really interesting workshops – Night Photography and Creating Artworks for Outside Spaces in the next few weeks. He is exploring inserting text into the rural environment in subtle ways – LOVE the wall idea….hope you are having fun Leo and enjoying the stillness and big black skies…
  • I’ve revisited  The Elementals Project – the first big creative community project I produced – in a park in North London in collaboration with 3 primary schools and a group of artists and musicians in 2005 (including Suborg, The Opala Group, Jason Dickinson). I was always uber-inspired by some of the artists involved who had lived in northern Morocco and who created an arts festival in Chefchouen, a small mountain village. I’d love to do this kind of work again….
  • Reading again the story of Monkeybiz in Cape Town, it would be fabulous to go to the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market,  13-15 July 2012 to see other folk craft/design makers from around the world. It’s not so far from Mexico….
  • Cherie Blair is looking for business women to mentor others in the developing world. This is a great project:
  • I stumbled across Onaway Trust in the window of the electrical shop in Pitlochry (!) amongst adverts for chefs and cleaners- it focuses on initiatives supporting sustainability and survival of language, culture, life ways and traditions in Central and South America and India. I’ve written to them to see if I can apply for funding….So bizarre how things fit into place if you have your eyes peeled….

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