One way ticket to Mexico

It’s definite – I’m off! Ticket booked to Mexico for 15th February! For how long and where I will go….is all to be decided. And it feels good – the unknown and the unexplored and all that potential waiting for me if I am open to letting things flooooooooowwwwwwwww

I’ve been back home at my parents for a week to save money and sort stuff out. I have happily slipped into living the life of a retired person. Only 40 years too early!

  • Having a golf lesson from my dad
  • Writing my will
  • Meeting my old clarinet buddy Eleanor for tea and cake at the lovely arts centre Birnam Institute
  • Watching tennis during the working week
  • Badminton drop in on a Monday morning
And other stuff, not so retirement-tastic:
  • Signing up to Glasgow artist Victoria Evans’ project 28 Drawings Later
  • Trying to sell my lovely vintage sofas in order to get one that has a fire regulation certificate. Anyone want to buy a sofa (or two?) Or got a sofa with a very low back they are chucking out?
  • Booking in viewings of my flat (hope I find someone lovely!)


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