Making animations in a camera cupboard

Today I got a blast from the past…

11 years ago I lived in Glasgow in a damp basement, sold naff gifts on Byres Road and volunteered at the Glasgow Film and Video Workshop trying to figure out what I could do with my life. I joined the technical team as I thought I wanted to be a filmmaker and that seemed like a good place to start. This was a big mistake as I watched the producers/administrative volunteers busily running round learning stuff while I hung out in a dark cupboard winding cables round my arms.

Whilst in the cupboard, I met Nadaav, who was similarly bored with his choice. So we  made the most of the situation and made a couple of stop frame animations from the equipment we had and the stuff we could find. And he has just Facebooked me out of the blue with the final edited versions! (he since has become a filmmaker – not sure he will put these on his showreel tho…)

(funny that we used Iron Bru bottles on this – very Scottish)


Go see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol– it is brilliant!

PS – Happy Birthday to my wonderful mum. xxx


3 thoughts on “Making animations in a camera cupboard

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  1. Ha, Ha! Love it, Julia! I’m sure there’s an Irn Bru advert in there somewhere, you could make a fortune…
    Off to play in a woodwind ensemble with old Clarence on Sunday – first time in over 10 year!
    Wish me luck, I’ll be thinking of you while I burst a lung.
    Eleanor xxx

    1. Oh wow Ellllllleanor that is SO great! Have you still got the e flat too? What is on the repertoire?
      I tried to play mine the other week and I just squeaked 😦
      I am in Pitlochry until next Tues – ur not in Perth at all are you?

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