Leg photo shoot and further news


I’ve been back in London for over a week and lots has happened.

1. I took a trip to Whitstable and had fun hanging with the Oxberrys. David is a professional photographer who has a great blog and I asked him to take photos of my scars from my bike accident last year for my claim against the nasty driver who drove into me.

I also helped David break his detox diet with the consumption of many fried fish and some local ale, followed by cake at the very cute Windy Stores. We watched Archipelago and I triumphed in being the only man standing (well, not asleep). I only fall asleep in exciting, action films like Pulp Fiction not painfully slow and boring ones like that. It was also fun to take a ride to Turkey on Edie’s flying carpet.


2. I met Carla for a Colombian lunch in Brixton market. We worked at Futureversity together and have always dreamed of doing something together, in South America. She has a background as a product designer and made this cool foldable seating. We met when we made a  sculpture of London out of food, during Eat London by LIFT. We are thinking of starting out in Chile and seeing what we can make happen. We are looking to use workaway or wwoof to find our first base, where we can help an existing eco-business and learn some practical outdoorsy skills while we conceive our own ideas. Exciting!

3. I cleared out my attic and took clothes to Traid in Wood Green. I left some old shelves outside my flat, for the taking, and within minutes a man drove up in a Thames Water van and asked if he could use them in his garage.He is a big collector of vintage objects, has a classic convertible and 3 domes used in 1960s petrol stations. It was a great chat – a daytime chat that is just not possible when you’re doing the 9-5.

4. I avoided a gas explosion in my flat.

5. I went to the Grayson Perry exhibition with Claire. It was beautiful, innocent, clever and inspiring. 

I loved his pot about contemporary trash culture – a sacred physical relic of our crazy culture to be cherished one day by our descendants.

6. I met the lovely Felipe at Hub Kings Cross, who has conceived of the website Pangea Sostenible which maps best practice in the fields of social technology – agriculture, fair trade, finance and eco-tourism.  He has spent the last 10 months touring South America interviewing the creators of interesting projects. He gave me loads of contacts in South America and confirmed my first place to go – Chiloe – an island off Chile – which has a very strong sense of community and a burgeoning eco-tourism industry.

7. I made the decision to rent my flat for a year. Eek! I can come back earlier, of course, and stay somewhere else for a while. But I’m going to give my new life a real shot.

8. I spent a lovely day in Dorking with 3 of the Portugal crew, hosted by Tom Smith. He took us on a walk up a hill and to meet his eccentric friend Jeremy who shared his passion for Number Stations – crazy spy talking over short radio waves.



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