Art from tupperware: Choi Jeong-Hwa

Just discovered the installation artist Choi Jeong-Hwa thanks to Colossal and love how he uses junk and old and found materials to make art.

I love absolutely love the aesthetic of this: Doors

This is what he says about his practice: ‘I couldn’t really draw so I didn’t think I could become a painter, but I really liked walking. So I used to walk between streets and narrow alleys and discover garbage piles and construction sites. I realized that “normal” people built and created things better than artists or professionals. Plus, what they were making was more natural. I decided against becoming an artist and decided instead to be an ordinary person who thinks like an artist.’

‘I like working with worthless materials. I like doing things outside of art museums. I dislike the whole pay system of museums and prefer working and interacting with people outside.’

His other projects include Happy Happy – sculptural installations in bright colours made from tupperware

and Gather Together – art installations made from the junk consumed by spectators at the Seoul Olympics


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