Spain versus Portugal

In Spain

People bustle

their voices chittering in consistent rising patterns

and tight Zara trousers hug pert bums

 Noone wears the same pair of socks twice

Not even the crusties in the park.

In Portugal

 there is no bustling

But a slow, quiet trail of a snail snaking over cobbled streets

And people take time to say a sentence and to answer your question fully

In Portugal

Vegetarianism isnt sneered at

But the words enterprise and innovation have been gently removed from peoples mouths

And the whole country, modestly sinking, its golden and green goods so hidden away

That nobody will remember to save it


One thought on “Spain versus Portugal

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  1. This is a wonderful poem – and it totally gets what’s wrong in Portugal. People on the outside can see the problems, but people on the inside can’t see anything…

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