Rui the President

Met the President yesterday, Rui Andre, and he really liked our ideas for our maps and our project. He is 36 ( I have reviewed your age  now, Mr President!) , and has been in power for 2 years, after the last Mayor was in for 27 years. He is going to give us an exhibition space, free refreshments and full support. Yey! Hopefully he will do a little speech too…

He is extremely nice, progressive and creative. It is refreshing for Monchique to have in power someone who is from an education background (he used to teach art in schools) and is also from Monchique.

His wife must never get to see him because he puts his everything into his role – every weekend he seems to be doing something with local people – from boar hunting to going on a theatre trip and he is also President of the old folks home, where he knows everyone by name.

I do not know any Mayors in London who show such passion and commitment to their role.

Afterwards, he said on Facebook that he enjoyed meeting us! And called us young and creative saying we had lots of good ideas:

Woohoo – nice to be called creative (and especially to be called young! 🙂 )


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