Achievements so far

So, what have I achieved since I have been here?

Local medronho producers

  • Gave buiness advice and, since advising them, they have rearranged their shop to encourage people to buy ‘gift sets’ of products – medronho, honey and jam
  • several producers investigating making small glass bottles of medronho and meloza as they are easier to sell
  • they have created packages for Xmas, based on my idea
  • First draft of producers of Monchique map is done so tourists can go and visit the producers in situ
  • First draft of medronho producers map is done – to identify which medronho comes from where
  • Gave direction to an illustrator designing the maps

Algarve 123 newspaper

  • Since providing them with business advise, they have changed their design layout to increase the profile of their cultural section: Viva Algarve
  • Journalist Natasha Donn has written an article about us in the paper

Quinta das Relvinhas

  • helped clear the upper garden to make it into a usable space
  • helped prepare the vegetable gardens / terraces
  • helped make a river with a stone bed
  • created a cooking rota for the volunteers
  • learnt how to cook for 15 people
  • Brought the donkey to our house from his farm
  • Created a budget for the business from 2010-12
  • Created a pricing structure
  • Led a drawing visioning session around what the Quinta could look like/ be
  • planned the interior renovation
  • Helped define the purpose and goals for the Quinta
  • researched other hostels/business models

Volunteer management

  • Conducted one to one interviews with all volunteers to create a focus and plan for their time here
  • Acted as liason between the volunteers and the coordinating partners
  • Motivated volunteers
  • Created individual tasks for volunteers for our event

Monchique Novas Direcoes

  • Organised for us to have an office space with internet access
  • Organised sponsored refreshments for our event
  • Made contacts that are useful for our event – Steve from A Nossa Terra, Americo Telo, Renato
  • Found the need in Monchique for maps for tourists


  • Started doing yoga and meditation most mornings
  • Done some drawing
  • Given up my job in London
  • Driven on the right hand side for the first time
  • Walked through pitch dark eucalyptus forest in the mist to find my parents
  • Letting go of the past
  • Getting better
  • Got happy in myself without being in a relationship
  • Learnt the basics of how to surf

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