Lynx sighting in Monchique!

This evening at 7.30pm mum and I were driving dad to his birthday meal at Jardim das Oliveiras when we saw an animal at the side of the road in the dark. It was a mixture between a dog, a werewolf and a brown lady lion. It had big fangs. It was like nothing we had seen before so we talked to the waitor about it. He got excited, animated and said it could be a lynx as they are reintroducing them to Portugal. He had a picture from the paper ripped out to show us. It was a lynx!!!

There is an Iberian Lynx reproduction centre in Silves, just down the road.

Also , I have just done some research and found an article about lynx sightings round the Algarve.

A guy who lives in Monchque has set up a charity to save the lynxes so there are some obvious connections going on!

I have written to big cat societies to tell them about my sighting. And the journalist from Algarve 123.

It could be a really good thing for Monchqique, to attract tourist…could be the logo for Monchique..




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  1. I have seen a lynx whilst in the hills near the algarve last week and have a distant but quite clear photo. I can’t stop thinking about what I saw. Who can I contact?

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