This blog is about listening to yourself, about breaking free from the patterns of convention in order to do the things you love. It’s about following your dreams. Even if it’s sometimes really hard. I quit my job and life in London five years ago and moved to a remote fishing village on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. I set up a social enterprise with my buddy Carla, turned an old DIY store into a house, learnt how to surf, rescued a dog and met inspiring and wonderful people along the way. And I’m writing about it. Say hello.


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  1. Hi Julia,
    I just noticed your blog while doing some research on El Paredon since I will be going there on July 19th for a week, just for vacation and to learn to surf, but I would love to help out with your program if there is something I can do to help. My name is Kara and I’ll be staying at the El Paredon Surf Camp (I noticed you mentioned Rafa in your blog), and I hope to get in touch and hopefully help out a bit while I’m there!


    1. Hi Kara
      Thanks for your message!
      That’s great you’re coming to El Paredon and are interested in helping out.
      I go surfing every day at the Surf Camp so will meet you there when you get here and we can discuss how you’d like to get involved – we have lots of opportunities!
      Have a safe journey and see you soon

  2. Julia, my son Larry Persic spent a week with you in Guatamala. He really enjoyed you and your partner and the kids. He was so happy that he went there and brought some educational gifts. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.
    John M. Persic Sr.

    1. Hello John
      It was a real joy to have Larry and Wenona with us.You are lucky to have such a warm and generous son.
      Best wishes

  3. Hello Julia,
    My partner Scott and I will be heading to El Paredon in two weeks time (Arriving Saturday Feb 2, 2013) to take surf lessons. Scott stumbled over your blog and I’ve just read the unbelievable story about Larry and Wenona. What incredible people! Scott and I would like to also bring any supplies you might be in need of. Paper for the new photocopier? Bulbs for the new projector? Books, school supplies…? Please let me know. While I know we certainly won’t be able to come close to their generosity, we’d love to help out in some small way! I’ve included my e-mail below if you’d like to respond directly.

  4. Julia,
    My wife and I will be staying at the Parendon Surf House from July 5th throuth the 15th. We will be bringing two surfboards with us that we are planning to donate to the Parendon surf club (from your April 6th post) when we leave. We will also be bringing extra wax and ding repair supplies for the club. Any assistance on making this happen to help out the local surf community would be appreciated.

    1. Dear Dimitri
      How exciting to receive your message! It brightens my day to get messages like this. Thank you so much!
      I told the guys from the Surf Club last night and they are over the moon. Woohoo!This will make such a differenve to these guys’ lives They just LOVE surfing and currently only get the opportunity to rent a board a couple of times a week.
      Unfortunately I am going back to the UK from June – Aug so I wont be here when you come. However, I will arrange for the surf guys to meet you during your time at Surf House and you can give them the supplies. The two main guys in charge of the Surf Club are Henry Rivera (President of the club and the best surfer in El Paredon) and Armando Avila, Vice President. Armando works at Surf House so will see you regularly. I will also tell Rabea, who is the manager of the Surf House, who can help translate between you and the surfers if you need?
      You will love El Paredon, it is such a magical little place.
      Let me know if you need any help/info that will help your trip as I would be more than happy to help.
      Thanks again – your donation means such a lot.

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